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Teltschik|Hauer Associates is an international economic and political consulting firm operating out of Munich, Germany. Using a global network of human resources, we provide advisory services to private and public institutions, corporations, NGOs and individuals around the world. Based on this network and our unique experience and expertise, we provide integrated economic and political analyses tailored to meet the challenges of globalisation.  

Teltschik|Hauer Associates specialises in the early identification, analysis and tracking of global economic, political and security developments with potential impact on the interests of our clients. We maintain constant contact with leaders in national governments and ministries, international organisations, industry and financial institutions around the globe. Our in-house expertise is supported by a network of experts working in world-renowned research institutions. Our permanent working relations include Kissinger Associates and The Scowcroft Group in the USA and Attali & Associés in France, to name just a few. Teltschik|Hauer Associates is also the representative of the China Federation of Industrial Economics ( in Europe.

Our work is guided by complete discretion towards our clients and partners, integrity and cultural sensitivity, the combination of extensive economic, financial and political experience and expertise, an understanding of different cultures and economic and political systems and a constant search of excellence and best practice.